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Attract the right staff with a formal qualification

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Hit the ground running with new hires.

Recruiting processes can give a good indication on new staff, but in fast paced and pressured environments, when the staff hit the floor, results can vary.

We can help you attract the right staff with a formal qualification, which is attractive to them and transformative for you.


Being able to offer a nationally recognised qualification, at no cost to our team members, is the most exciting employee benefit we get to share with new talent.

Brittany Neinert People and Talent Manager, TSA Group – Australia

Integrate formal training into your onboarding process.

Bulk hire situations like customer service and front line staff roles, there are substantial amount of learnings that new starters must take on board. These learnings can often be aligned with formal qualifications.

Build resilience in your team

Opportune specialise in mapping your training and onboarding needs to a formal qualification. The goal is to build in some core soft skills to help staff manage the greatest challenges they will face in their role and give them the resilience to bounce back. By surrounding training with a formal qualification, staff feel valued and rewarded from the start, they also see great benefit in sticking things out to secure the full qualification.

Help with accessing funding

With state and federal funding currently available to support businesses in hiring new staff, there are a great range of wage subsidies and rebates available around the country. These rebates in some instances are substantial. We can assist our customers and can ensure that they access all available funding to assist support their growth and success.


Define the problem



Source Government subsidies



Align to your business



Minimise business disruption


Our Skills Coaches

To support and ensure success of your team, we have dedicated, onboarding specialists, to help.

Our professional Skills Coaches will follow up, guide and if needed actively encourage your team to ensure they get results.

This support doesn’t take up valuable work time and out of hours coaching is available.

Opportune Skills Coaches
Training Dashboard

Easy-to-use Monitoring

To deliver full visibility on how your team is progressing, we have a dashboard facility.

You will be able to see individually and collectively how your team is progressing, areas where they might need additional internal support and identify those with exceptional promise.

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