Diploma of Leadership & Management

The leadership and management team of any organisation is the beating heart of its success. This qualification takes leadership skills to the next level. This hands-on leadership program develops entrepreneurial and innovative approaches to managing people, operations and teams.

It is targeted toward those who are currently managing a team and building towards a career in management. The Diploma of Leadership and Management will empower participants with the foundations necessary to lead high performing teams and achieve operational success.

Qual Snapshot

Suited For Experienced Managers
Mode Recognises the existing skills of experienced managers with responsibility for the performance of a team.
Delivery Method Skills and competency conversation, document upload and manager confirmation.
Time Required 20-25 hours
Duration 4 weeks (time frame can be tailored to suit your needs)
Group Size One or more
Location Virtual
Funding Available n/a

BSB50420 - Diploma of Leadership & Management

Regardless of the mode selected, there are 12 subjects in this qualification.

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