Reward & Recognise your Team

They’ve done the hard work. We make it count.

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Making their experience count.

In many cases, as your staff build their experience, they are able to play a more instrumental role, either as subject matter expert or a leader.

An Experience Based Qualification (EBQ), is the attainment of a nationally recognised qualification, not through study, but by evidencing the skills your staff already have and use in their job.

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I was amazed that we were able to find such an affordable program that does so much to develop our people’s careers.

Kate Lewis
Head of HR, Coles Express

A win-win situation.

To acknowledge the skills they have acquired and reward staff, you can have their abilities aligned with a relevant qualification. This process can be relatively simple and quick, it is a matter of providing the evidence of their abilities and can be completed in 6 – 8 weeks.

Formal qualifications for staff also help your business in competitive pitching situations. To be able to confirm that those working on a project have a nationally recognised qualification delivers strength to tender responses.

Lift capability and improve results

The process to receive a formal qualification is also a great opportunity for a business to confirm skills. If staff are not quite ready on a specific skill, this can help you supplement their learning, prevent mistakes before they happen and get your whole team on the same page.

Meet compulsory training mandates with minimal overhead

Several state governments have a compulsory ‘learning or training mandates’ for major projects. Going through the EBQ process contributes towards these mandated targets in most states.

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Our Skills Coaches

To support and ensure success of your team, we have dedicated skills coaches who have worked in and are familiar with your industry.

Our professional Skills Coaches will follow up, guide and if needed encourage your team to ensure they get results.

This support doesn’t take up valuable work time and out of hours coaching is available.

Opportune Skills Coaches
Training Dashboard

Easy-to-use Monitoring

To deliver full visibility on how your team is progressing, we have a dashboard facility.

You will be able to see individually and collectively how your team is progressing, areas where they might need additional internal support and identify those with exceptional promise.

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