An infrastructure-led economic recovery

Infrastructure Solutions

Australia’s economic recovery is largely relying on the successful and continuing delivery of major infrastructure projects. Opportune has been working with some of Australia’s largest construction companies to deliver the project management skills they rely on. Opportune can work with you to:

A proven yet customised approach

Our approach is not one size fits all. We go through three easy steps to ensure that the solution we offer is fitted to the specific needs of the organisation and the project. The work that we do can all be done with meeting of minimum training requirements which exist in many states. We have been doing this for over 6 years. For a free 30 mins consultation give us a call. We can start to help deliver current and future infrastructure projects.


We work with you to examine the current teams, structures, backgrounds of staff and what the requirements are for the project moving forward. We gain a solid understanding of the big picture for the delivery of the project and successful tendering on future projects.

Needs Mapping

We examine with you what gaps may exist. The goal is to bring a level of consistency across the business which allows transferability, flexibility and skills uplift. We want to look at what the needs of the business and project are moving forward and determine where and how support is best applied.

Needs Mapping
Align to course

The last step is aligning everything you need, the commercial realties of work (the need for minimal downtime, onsite learning etc) and align this with an approved course qualification. We sift through all the opportunities, units of study, methods of evaluation for a solution that best serves you and your staff.

Align to course

This has allowed our project managers and those that want to be project managers to understand the whole process from inception to completion.

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Supporting some of Australia's largest construction companies

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